We’re a service first, premium quality large format printer specializing in signs, posters, banners and tradeshow displays.

Artist Prints

Backlits, including Drive-Thru, Kiosks, Light Boxes, etc.

Banners, including Building, Party, Pole, Stadium, Street, Table, Window, etc.

Bank Displays and Signage

Calibration Targets


Construction Signs

Courtroom Graphics

Custom Wall Coverings, including Murals, Hangings and Wallpapers, etc.


Directional Signs


Itineraries and Programs

Lawn Signs

Lobby Displays

Magnetic Signs

Mounting and Laminating


Outdoor Advertising

Party Graphics

Perfed Signs and Banners

Photographic Prints and Exhibits


Point of Purchase Signs and Displays

Pole Banners


Presentation Graphics, including Courtroom, Sales and Teaching Aids, Meeting and Conference, etc.


Removable Vinyl Prints

Restaurant Signs

Seating Charts

Scenery and Backdrops

Sidewalk Signs

Signature Boards


Taxi and Delivery Toppers

Tradeshow Exhibits, including Pop Up Displays, Show Panels, Headers, etc.

Tradeshow Replacement Panels

Window Signs


Mainly agencies, designers and printers, but we also deal direct with businesses and individuals.

If you’re asking can you get the same thing online, I’m goin’ with not. I’ll give you similar, and if price is all that matters, you can search online on that basis. But watch for brokers, hidden costs, handling and other undocumented surcharges, turnaround times, quality, resolution, media, minimums, etc. Respect your deadlines. And call us for a quote. Even if we can’t match a price, we may come so close that the difference won’t justify taking the risk.

Service. We’ve always been about service first and take pride in providing what we believe is the best service in the industry. Day, night, weekend, holiday. You call. We make it happen.

Quality. We output to Epson Professional graphic arts quality imagers using only environmentally friendly Epson inks and solvents on Epson or Epson-approved media. Unless otherwise requested, every job is output at the highest possible resolution.

Price. We’re very competitive. We’ll try to match or beat competitive quotes, but every job is different. Because we never compromise on inks, media or output times, sometimes we can’t beat a customer’s best price. But most of our customers have criteria that supersede merely getting the lowest price. Of course, if we screw up, you won’t pay.

The media your job is printed on determines how good it looks, how long it lasts and how much handling it can stand.

Inks also impact appearance, longevity, durability and repeatability.

If your project will be viewed from thirty feet or more away, maybe you don’t. But to stand closer inspection, you want resolution—the higher the better. Our RIPS always run at the highest available resolution with no premium or upcharges.

Next question.

Typically 24 hours or less. Tell us if you need it sooner. Never a rush charge.

We offer pickup and delivery throughout the tri-counties and ship everywhere.

Call 248-895-6633 or email mail@thatcolor.com. For the fastest service, call.

Most customers find it convenient to upload their data to one of our secure servers. Call 248-895-6633 for easy instructions.

What’s the purpose of your poster, sign, banner or display?

Will it be displayed indoors or outdoors?

Will it be used once, or again and again?

What size will it be?

Will it need mounting or laminating?

Do you prefer glossy, matte, or something in-between?

Will it need an easel, stand, frame or other type of display?

Will it be wall mounted or hung?

How will it be secured, i.e., velcro, zip ties, etc.?

Will it be a frequent traveller?

Will you or a third party be providing the artwork?

When do you need it?

Will we be shipping it?

248-895-6633 or mail@thatcolor.com. Call for the fastest service.

Since 1984, but we've been doing primarily large format for about fifteen years.

In 1984 we founded the world’s first Postscript™ prepress service bureau. Space constraints led to a succession of address changes—from Livonia to Farmington, then Farmington Hills, Novi, back to Livonia, now Brighton. Early experiments with Postscript color separation gave us the knowledge and confidence to offer it first commercially. When composite Postcript color was announced, we were first to offer it to customers. Digital studio photography? First. Working with manufacturers and software developers, we were first to produce repeatable, proof-quality output from color copiers. The bulk of that early color business came from agencies and other customers that tended to be especially fussy about their color. Over time, technology and customer demand steered us into proofing and large format color. While we came to the latter relatively late, we brought a wealth of knowledge and experience in calibration, fidelity and repeatability. Our core business had changed, and we wanted a name that shone a brighter light on our core competency—color. We’d always thought it amusing that while simple science allowed for the precise identification of any color that could be physically reproduced, in-house experts from agencies and printers alike instead preferred stabbing an outstretched digit in the direction of a faded swatch and insisting “That’s what I want! That color!”

248-895-6633 or mail@thatcolor.com. Call for the fastest service.

Call or text 248-895-6633 for fast, friendly service.